A discussion on graffiti and its forms

Submit Of course it is Aight first of all a lot of you are confused with what graffiti actually is. Some graffitis are done illegally and can be considered destroying other's property or vandalism. A lot of graffitis however are done legally.

A discussion on graffiti and its forms

This sentence doesn't make grammatical sense I think: English or American Spelling I don't understand why someone called an Englishman an "idiot" for spelling "colour" instead of the American "color" see edit log for the article Generally, which is accepted better on Wikipedia, American English or British English?

Is there a general rule, please??? If an article is created with British English spelling, it should be retained throughout it's lifespan. There's also a tendency to keep it American or British depending on the content; as Graffiti sort of originates in NY depending how you look at itthis article probably should be in American spelling.

I think it would be a good idea to make seperate pages for the terminoligy and the list of graffiti artists, I would think they're worthy of their own page. Also descended from early writers such as Julio and Takiwho used their street numbers.

Some Crews today use their postal code. I would require more examples to awnser your question about adding ER however. Usualy it is for asthetic appeal. People who have a lot of respect add ONE to their tag to prove it.

To be a one, you either have to do really good work, or be really crazy about how you do your graffiti. Click Here to join or for more information.

Would it be considered ironic that some keeps 'tagging' this page with profanity and rude comments? This is a featured article and the thing is laced with profanity and rude comments to the extent that I cannot determine where the last good page was posted. I tried to fix it myself, but I couldn't find where it had been attacked.

Graffito An anonymous contributor wrote while redirecting Graffito to Graffiti: Because of the "singular" convention, why is "graffiti" not here? I didn't know about their graffiti. I'd remove the above phrase.

High on a tree I agree about merging a lot of this into graffiti art and adding more about how much money and effort including volunteer hours are spent trying to reduce or remove graffiti.

I was disappointed to find this page included nothing about costs such as anti-graffiti paints, specialist police forces, etc.

Tactical graffiti This is truly a fat topic. This new article might contain somewhat classified areas of political and racial strife in the context of: Low tact gangs, race, gender, orientation and other potentially nasty stuff B.

High tact anti-propoganda, civil disobedience, calls to action, etc - graffiti with a bit more purpose and constraint C. Other aspects of tactical graffiti or that used simply to provoke thought this may have strong ties with graffiti art. Creating such major divisions might help the reader to pursue his or her interest more readily.

Graffiti and anonymous user User: Perhaps it should be explained.

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All of this was removed from the article. Seems a bit trigger-happy on the delete key. These movements or styles tend to classify the artists by their relationship to their social and economic contexts, since graffiti art is still illegal in many forms, in most countries.

Contemporary practitioners are therefore varied and often conflicting in their practices. There are those individuals such as Alexander Brener who have used the medium to politicise other art forms, and have taken the prison sentences forced onto them, as a means of further protest.

Anonymous groups and individuals, however, are very varied also, with anonymous anti-capitalist art groups like the Space Hijackers who, indid an action about the capitalistic elments of Banksy and his use of political imagery. There are also those artists who are funded by a combination of government funding as well as commercial or private means, like irational.

Graffiti is wrong.

Graffiti is sometimes seen as part of a subculture that rebels against extant societal authorities, or against authority as such. However these considerations are often divergent and relating to a wide range of practices. For some, graffiti is not only an art but also a lifestyle.

A discussion on graffiti and its forms

For others it is a matter of political practice and forms just one tool in an array of methodologies and technologies or so-called anti-technologies of resistance.

This wall, in Gainesville, Floridahas been set aside for use by graffiti artists and passerby. Images This image was replaced in an edit entitled "correct spelling".

Perhaps it should be put back into the article, but I'm not sure where.determiner. used with a noun in requesting that its referent be further specified, identified, or distinguished from the other members of a class which house did you want to buy? (as pronoun) which did you find?(used in indirect questions) I wondered which apples were cheaperwhatever of a class; whichever bring which car you want (as pronoun) choose which of the cars suit you.

Nov 18,  · Online Graffiti Forums, share your graffiti pictures and tips with a community of thousands of graffiti writers worldwide.

culture and comes by way of two different forms of art: street art and graffiti art. Manco (), suggests that, “Graffiti art, as an idea, has always existed alongside other artist endeavors, the difference being that it is a mode of self-.

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Discussion is then presented regarding graffiti as a culture-based concept, as well as graffiti as an antisocial subculture that affects its acceptance as a form of art.

“Indian Caves” of Inwood Hill Park on the northern tip of Manhattan. On the northern tip of Manhattan, a twenty-minute walk from the subway, is an historical site so rare and unexpected that it warrants a detour on any tourist’s itinerary.

A discussion on graffiti and its forms

be part of the international academic discussion. 2. Graffiti – in brief Today, the term Graffiti, a relative of Street Art, is associated with a particular form of Graffiti called Style Writing, a.k.a.

ing and other forms of) Graffiti, particularly in light of the sup-.

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