A personal recount on the visit to sutton coldfield magistrates courts

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A personal recount on the visit to sutton coldfield magistrates courts

Houston lawyer Daniel J. Shea said the document is relevant because it shows that the church hierarchy has conspired to keep quiet child abuse. Reading through the Crimen protocol for handling abuse cases, Mr. He and other civil lawyers in this country are also introducing the document into lawsuits in an attempt to show that an international conspiracy is involved in covering up abuse by priests.

He went to the gates of the Vatican two weeks ago to press his argument that Pope Benedict XVI has actively conspired to keep cases of clergy sexual abuse under wraps. He bases his claim on the Crimen document and a letter that the pope wrote inwhen he was Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, instructing church officials on how to handle these cases.

Crimen was footnoted in the document. Crimen Sollicitationis has also shown up in Louisville, Ky. Shea, who also practices in Massachusetts, settled several sexual abuse cases in Worcester Superior Court, but has named the pope in a lawsuit he is handling for three men in the Houston area who said they were sexually abused by a priest there who later fled back to his native Latin America.

Crimen was introduced into a court suit in Springfield brought by Jane Martin, who said she was sexually abused as a child by the Rev. Kelley, a priest of the Worcester Diocese. The judge did not allow introduction of the document because it had not been authenticated and was not seen as being relevant.

Articles about his quest have appeared in newspapers in Britain, Ireland, Italy and the United States. Thomas Doyle, the canon lawyer who first called attention to the burgeoning sexual abuse scandal in the church in the mids, said he understands that an even earlier document dealt with how to handle clergy sexual abuse issues, but he has been unable to find the entire document.

Doyle does not agree with Mr. Shea that the memo implicates the pope in obstruction of justice. The memo was intended to be an internal church document and no one at the Vatican at the time was thinking in terms of obstructing justice.

Doyle said the pope may not have read the document presented to him for approval by the cardinal, but he would have known of its existence. Doyle, as a canon lawyer, worked at the Vatican embassy in Washington, D. This is where he got his first inklings of the scope of the problem, which until recently remained largely hidden.

He has also served as an expert witness in civil lawsuits involving allegations of sexual abuse by priests and has seen even more documents. He said that although Crimen does not appear to be operational in all Catholic dioceses, he has seen documents that show it was used in some of them.

He believes the American bishops, none of whom would have been involved in the writing of Crimen Sollicitationis, from the midth century onward turned their energies to sending offending priests to treatment places.

A personal recount on the visit to sutton coldfield magistrates courts

The first such retreat was operated by the Servants of the Paraclete in New Mexico, he said. The bishops did not heed that warning, he said. The House of Affirmation in Whitinsville, which was opened in the s, received a number of offending priests, but experts in the treatment field had told Rev.

Doyle that they did not believe the House of Affirmation was equipped professionally to treat sexually abusive priests. The House of Affirmation closed in the late s amid a financial scandal. Doyle said Catholics in general understand that the hierarchy needs to take a good look at how they operate if there is to be an end to clerical sexual abuse.

He said he was recently involved in a court case in which a bishop, whom he declined to name, did not tell the truth about destruction by his diocese of subpoenaed documents, although the bishop had knowledge that his predecessor had the documents destroyed. Bishops react as organizations react, he said.


Doyle added that the church will not come to grips with the sexual abuse problem unless it takes a look at its own views on sexuality. Doyle said he has seen files on many abusive priests and was struck by how sexually immature they were.

Doyle added that the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, which was approved by the American bishops, is not the panacea that many hope it is.

The language of the charter is so broad that abuse can be construed in many different ways. Other people interviewed recently had a variety of views on the documents and what needs to be done to deal with the clergy sexual abuse scandal. Shea or others say. It is a straw which civil lawyers have grasped to open the Vatican to liability for the cover-up.

Staney, a former Worcester resident who now lives in the Tampa, Fla. He got a copy of the document, which is more than 30 pages long, and put it on his Web site.R(on the application of Robinson) v Sutton Coldfield Magistrates Court []- Concerns s(3)- For the purposes of subsection (2)(e) "fear" is to be widely construed and (for example) includes fear of the death or injury of another person or of financial loss Sutton Magistrates Court contact details and case list from court records.

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