A study on the impact of lone parenting to canadian children

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A study on the impact of lone parenting to canadian children

It is part of a day-long blitz of several Ontario municipalities calling for equal rights for both parents in divorce and separation proceedings.

All Equal Parenting supporters are asked to join them at Broadway and John at 7: Children and adults will receive bracelets promoting truth, justice and equality, temporary tattoos with a message about M and the opportunity to have their picture taken with some of our now famous Everyday Superheroes and the F4J Barney Mobile.

Getting Away with Murder August 29, permalink The press has discovered that four children died in Arkansas foster care this year, but DHS refuses to provide details, shielding themselves behind a law protecting the confidentiality of children.

In any other situation a person concealing evidence of a death would be charged as an accessory after the fact, but not a bureaucrat. Even at that, Arkansas is ahead of Ontario, where we have nothing better than statistical estimates of the number of children dying in foster care.

Our list of foster deaths includes only one in Arkansas during the last year. Keyundra Smith, 22 months old, died in Eudora Arkansas on May 28,attributed to the dubious shaken baby syndrome. Foster mom Eleisha Sykes has been accused. But DHS has refused to release information about the nature of the deaths except to say that two of them are under investigation as maltreatment cases.

Even after the State Police made an arrest in one of those cases on Aug. Which raises the questions: When is DHS justified in withholding information about foster-child deaths? What sort of information should it be able to conceal? Is the public's need to know about the circumstances of the deaths outweighed by DHS's need to complete an investigation before putting details out in the open?

The Times asked DHS for basic information about the deaths: What caused each child to die?

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What distinguishes a case that apparently involves child maltreatment from one that doesn't? DHS said it can answer none of these questions.

Past court rulings have drawn a line between information that can be considered part of an investigation and that which must be public record. Lawyers for DHS have denied that the case is precedent for its own child maltreatment investigations.

Though the results of investigations may be revealed if they are determined to be true, the law makes it illegal to disclose unsubstantiated accusations of child abuse.

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DHS lawyers argue that any information released about an allegation under investigation may violate that provision. Though it would be an uphill battle, said Rick Peltz, a professor at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock's Bowen School of Law who has written on the FOIA, the nondisclosure law might be challenged in court by arguing that information about child maltreatment cases analogous to that contained in a police report should be publicly available.

But Peltz doesn't think the law as currently written allows even basic information to come to light.


Jennifer Ferguson, deputy director of the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, said that, while AACF doesn't deal with individual cases, it believes specific details about the deaths should be made available as quickly as possible.

She said she felt DHS' refusal to provide information suggests that the agency is covering something up. Policy Change in Texas August 29, permalink A lawsuit resulting from the seizure of children from Gary and Melissa Gates in has produced purported policy change in Texas.

Now children will get a court hearing before child removal, except in emergencies. We are skeptical, because that has been the policy all along. Social workers nullified the policy by always checking the emergency box on the form. Will this announcement really change things?

The new standards, lauded by parental rights advocates and decried by prosecutors, arose out of a ruling late last month by a three-judge panel of the U. The court found that state and local officials who removed the children during a child abuse investigation may have acted improperly but were protected by government immunity.

But the court set out new legal requirements for child abuse investigations in the three states covered by its jurisdiction — Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. The memo, obtained by the Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express-News, said the new policies must be followed to protect staff from being sued for monetary damages if children are removed in violation of the new policies.

New standard In the majority of cases, the department removes based on immediate danger and then goes to court the next business day to ask a judge for an order to remove the child.

Under the new standard, the state must obtain parental consent or a court order prior to removal "unless life or limb is in immediate jeopardy or sexual abuse is about to occur," the memo states.

Additionally, investigators now must weigh factors for each child living in a home before removing any of them based on allegations of abuse involving another child.Any parent applying to study in Canada is welcome to include dependent children on their study permit application.

A dependent child, in Canadian terms, is any child under the age of A dependent child, in Canadian terms, is any child under the age of The shelter gap is particularly pronounced for sole support parents who rely on a single income to support their families.

For example, in , the maximum monthly allowance for a lone parent with two children under twelve years was $1, ($ shelter allowance and $ basic needs allowance). Recipients are offered a broad range of carefully selected charitable causes to choose from.

They can select up to three charities from our list, picking the causes closest to their heart. New Study Shows That In Canada Children From Single Parents Do Just As Well Featured Articles, Canadian Review of Sociology Rights & Permissions. Dispatch Dates February, May, August, and November.

Published on behalf of Canadian Sociological Association. Impact Factor Rank in Sociology 60/ Editors.

A study on the impact of lone parenting to canadian children

EDITOR: Tracey . One of the great papers confirming that the inclusion of both parents under a joint parenting arrangement is in the best interests of children is the meta-analytic study summarised in "Child Adjustment in Joint-Custody Versus Sole-Custody Arrangements: A Meta-Analytic Review" by Robert Bauserman from the Journal of Family Psychology, , Vol.

What bothers single parents is what impact does single parenting have on children. This article explains that in detail. Impact of Single Parenting on Children’s Development. initiativeblog.com February 20th, many children are left with a lone parent.

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