Arguments for and against the minimum

Job losses from raising the minimum wage are negligible. Minimum wage has already been raised 23 times. Every time it was raised it was opposed by some few who said "it is going to lose jobs and wreck the economy" which is factually untrue as study after study has proven.

Arguments for and against the minimum

Exceptional Arguments Against The Minimum Wage November 20, By Center for Social Justice Blog 0 Comments Exceptional Arguments Against The Minimum Wage The tripartite negotiations on the national minimum wage involving the government, private sector employers and the labour unions have thrown up fundamental issues of governance.

The disputations question the basis of the continued existence of government in Nigeria. Many posers are raised: Why should the average person continue to pledge loyalty to a government that fails to recognise their right to exist, even if on the fringes and margins of society?

It is a fundamental aphorism that the state exists to protect the security and welfare of the people. Laws and policies are to be made for the common good, especially the good of the majority rather than simply catering to the interests of the minority.

First, let us recall that what is being negotiated is not the maximum wage payable to employees in Nigeria, it is the minimum wage, the morality of the depths and not the morality of the heights.

It is the minimum standard below which no state or employee is allowed to derogate from. So, listening to governors and commentators who are raising the issue of federalism as the reason why the Federal Government should not be legislating on the minimum wage, you either see ignorance or deliberate mischief.

The legislation on minimum wage does not state that every employee should pay the minimum; they can go higher. Yes, wages should be deregulated according to the ability of states, local governments and generally, employers to pay.

But the same, rather silly argument in the circumstances, is not used when the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission is given the constitutional power to fix and has indeed fixed a uniform salary scale for all governors, legislators, judicial officers and political office holders across the states, no matter their federation account allocation and or internally generated revenue.

They have all been collecting this uniform pay structure and yet, they raise this argument when it is the turn of workers to ask for a living wage! Virtually every Nigerian governor collects security votes exceeding Nm every month and simply pockets the money and accounts to no one but his dead conscience.

The governor hires a retinue of aides who do no work that adds value to the state but pays them jumbo salaries. They are never owed and they receive the remuneration at fixed dates in the month.

Arguments for and against the minimum

The governors go on long convoys of not less than 15 vehicles and generally live very affluent lives which ideally should only be lived by multi-billionaires who sweat for money. And this is remuneration unknown to Nigerian laws and policies. While we focus attention on the jumbo pay of legislators, the ministers and appointed aides at the federal level make a kill out of the treasury.

If you ask them, they will point to the approved RAMFAC salary but they live lifestyles that cannot be paid for by the official remuneration.

Can society make progress with such impunity founded on hypocrisy? The news that employers of labour, especially the state governors claim that they are not able to pay the new minimum wage is simply the product of warped and wicked minds suffering from exceptional depravity.

Yet, we claim to be the giant of Africa. There is therefore no reason for workers to accept this madness, especially state level employers who are bent of dehumanising Nigerian workers. Organised labour should utilise this opportunity to launch and mount a blistering campaign, organise rallies while politicians are organising theirs, against any state governor who claims he cannot pay the new minimum wage and ask the electorate to reject such warped minds.

Such a campaign should also extend to any governor who is owing arrears of salaries, pensions and gratuities. It would be suicidal for labour to allow such persons to come back as governors.

How in all honesty can someone insist on leading a state when he lacks leadership qualities?The tripartite negotiations on the national minimum wage involving the government, private sector employers and the labour unions have thrown up fundamental issues of governance.

The disputations.

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The Fight Against 15 Increasing the minimum wage so dramatically will damage the economic prospects of millions of vulnerable people. The minimum wage is a hot-button issue for politicians and economists. Every time an amendment comes before the U.S.

Congress to raise the minimum wage, advocates and critics pull out some convincing arguments to win over public opinion. The costs of minimum wage increases must be paid by someone The Wilson review noted: A “review of more than 20 minimum wage studies looking at price effects found that a 10 percent increase in the U.S.


minimum wage raises food prices by up to 4 percent.”. Generally, arguments against raising the minimum wage fall into the three categories below: Creates fewer jobs When the minimum wage increased between from $/hour to $/hour, small business owner Mike Beckett was hit hard.

Arguments for and against the minimum

It might be important for opponents of minimum-wage to understand the liberal’s best argument against you. Why being put out of work because of minimum wage is not only not a problem, but welcomed.

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