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Assignment writing service australia immigration

Citizenship and Immigration Law Assignment Essay Help Online Citizenship and Immigration Law Assignment Essay Help Online To start our discussion with a sense of irony, it may be noted that as the world is getting globalized, citizenship and immigration laws are getting increasingly stricter.

Countries around the world pose a number of difficulties for foreigners to achieve citizenship status, while at the same time restricting the rights and privileges of the immigrants residing within their own geographical knowledge.

Let us look at the two closely related concepts of citizenship and immigration before moving on to the various legal provisions surrounding them. Explaining the Concepts Citizenship Citizenship refers to a particular legal status of a person within a particular country which bestows that person of certain constitutionally validated rights and duties.

Immigration Conceptually, it is just the antithesis of citizenship. Immigration is the movement of a person from the country of his citizenship to an alien country, either legally or illegally with the motive to settle, work or marry.

Citizenship and immigration laws differ from one country to another. Generally speaking, laws on citizenship and immigration qualifications are tougher in developed countries like USA and UK and lenient in under developed countries.

Citizenship and Immigration Law Assignment Essay Help Online.

Laws on Citizenship Citizenship laws are dependent on the following considerations: If any one of the two parents is a citizen of a country then the person automatically gets the right to become the citizen of that country.

This is contrasted with the concept of Jus Soli or citizenship by blood. Today, only France narrowly applies Jus Sanguinis. Most of the nations have a combination of Jus Soli and Jus Sanguinis.

US applies Jus Sanguinis only with certain riders. A child is granted citizenship only if the three conditions are met: Jus Soli Jus Soli refers to citizenship by birth. A person bo in a particular country automatically gains the citizenship of a particular country. This concept originated in common law countries like England where persons bo in that country were called subjects of the monarch, a concept which predated citizenship.

Naturalization Apart from these two principles, many countries grant citizenship through a process of naturalization. A person can become a citizen of a country if he has lived in that country for a certain period of time has legal employment in that country or has married a citizen of that country.

assignment writing service australia immigration

This process of acquiring citizenship is called citizenship by the process of naturalization. Jus matrimoni The process of naturalization may be fast tracked if a person marries the citizen of a country.

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assignment writing service australia immigration

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