Econ 248 assignment 2

The bulk of this collection consists of the records of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, [ca. The PRR, incorporated on April 13,became by the turn of the century the "standard railroad of the world" and the largest single employer of men and women in the United States. Sometimes referred to as the world's first modern corporation, the PRR handled more business transactions and raised more capital than any other public or private sector organization of its time.

Econ 248 assignment 2

Question Economics Assignment 2 version A GM announced that it will close its Oshawa truck plant in and a Windsor transmission plant in Ford also plans a 10 percent cut in white-collar, salaried positions. In total, over direct jobs will be lost.

This is chilling news for Ontario because for every job in an assembly plant, there are 7. Using appropriate diagrams, answer the following questions. Is there a trade-off between the unemployment rate and the inflation rate in the short run? How can the Phillips curve be used to answer this question?

What is the relationship between the Phillips curve, aggregate demand, and aggregate supply? If the unemployment rate and inflation are both rising, can this be explained by a movement along a given Phillips curve?

What must be happening to aggregate demand and aggregate supply? What must be happening to the Phillips curve? If the Bank of Canada continues to take expansionary monetary policy, how are the unemployment rate and inflation affected?

Is there a trade-off between the unemployment rate and inflation in the long run? How is the long-run aggregate supply curve related to the long run Phillips curve?

Distinguish between monetary policy instruments and monetary policy tools. Describe any two key tools of monetary policy, and describe how they would be used to implement expansionary monetary policy.

Assume that the currency drain is 0. Explain the concept of the multiplier, and explain the role of the marginal propensity to consume in determining the size of the multiplier. Explain how the size of the multiplier will change when one brings in the role of the marginal tax rate.

Then, calculate the revised slope of the AE curve and the multiplier when you know that the imports and the marginal tax rate will reduce the slope of the AE curve by another 0. Given the above, what would you predict about the overall direction of the economy? Describe the fiscal policy that will already be automatically operating, as well as the appropriate discretionary fiscal policy that the government should adopt, given the above situation.

Describe the appropriate monetary policy that the Bank of Canada should be operating, given the above situation. What is the opportunity cost of 1 unit of fish in Kiribati?

What is the opportunity cost of 1 unit of fish in Tuvalu? Which country has a comparative advantage in producing fish? Suppose that trade takes place between Kiribati and Tuvalu.

Which good will Kiribati import from Tuvalu? Discuss three tools government can use to influence imports. Discuss and evaluate the two classical arguments for trade protection and restriction. Explain the effects of this appreciation on each of the following.

Econ 248 assignment 2

Canadian exporters of goods to the US b. Canadian firms that buy machinery and equipment from US suppliers c.American Public University System (APUS) (American Public University) * * School Info American Public University System (APUS) (American Public University) has departments in Course Hero with 94, documents and 7, answered questions.

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1. Introduction. This paper examines the relationship between political connections and corporate innovation in China. The impact of political risk on the economy is one of the fundamental research in finance and economics (Pagano and Volpin, ).There is an increasing number of studies showing a negative effect of abundant resource endowments on regional economic growth, which leads to.

ECON Assignment 2 1. The bank rate is the interest rate at which the Bank of Canada stands ready to lend reserves to chartered banks. The banker 's deposit rate is the interest rate that the Bank of Canada pays banks on .

President Trump's fiscal year budget. F I SCA L Y E A R EFFICIENT, EFFECTIVE, ACCOUNTABLE AN AMERICAN BUDGET. Economics Assignment 2 | August 12, This assignment has a maximum total of marks and is worth 10 percent of your total grade for this course.

You should complete it after completing your course work for Units 4, 5, and 6. Answer each question clearly and concisely.

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