Initial environmental examination report

Background[ edit ] As early as the s specific property purchasers in the United States undertook studies resembling current Phase I ESAs, to assess risks of ownership of commercial properties which had a high degree of risk from prior toxic chemical use or disposal.

Initial environmental examination report

While the exact take-off path Initial environmental examination report Cottage Point has yet to be established, the aircraft was observed by witnesses to enter Jerusalem Bay Figure 1.

Sequence of events

The aircraft was observed to enter the bay at an altitude below the height of the surrounding terrain Figure 2. The aircraft came to rest inverted and with the cabin submerged. Witnesses reported the entire tail section and parts of both floats were initially above the waterline.

The aircraft took over 10 minutes to completely submerge. A quantity of fuel was also observed in the water.

Initial environmental examination report

A number of witnesses who heard or observed the impact responded to render assistance. All six occupants received fatal injuries. Cottage Point area, standard flight path and accident location Source: The pilot held a Class 1 Aviation Medical Certificate valid until 6 March and he was reported to have a high standard of health.

Information provided by the operator indicated that the pilot had a total flying experience of more than 10, hours, of which about 9, hours were on floatplanes. The pilot had been employed by Sydney Seaplanes from to and then relocated overseas.


Aircraft information The float-equipped DHC-2 Beaver is a predominately all-metal high-wing aircraft designed to carry one pilot and seven passengers. Viking Air Canada has been the type certificate holder since The aircraft was operated in the charter category. A periodic inspection of the aircraft was completed on 6 November and a new maintenance release was issued.

A scheduled engine change was also carried out at this time. Sydney Seaplanes Previous accident The ATSB investigated a fatal accident involving the same aircraft, then configured for aerial agriculture operations including a fixed undercarriage, which occurred on 15 Novemberresulting in the fatality of the sole occupant.

The aircraft was subsequently repaired, issued with a Certificate of Airworthiness and re-entered service, registered as VH-NOO, in Sydney Seaplanes acquired the aircraft in Witnesses positioned in Jerusalem Bay generally indicated that the wind was directly into the bay at various strengths, [ 5 ] which would have resulted in the aircraft experiencing a tailwind at the time the aircraft entered Jerusalem Bay.

The water depth at the wreckage location was Bureau of Meteorology tidal recordings at the Ku-ring-gai Yacht Club near Cottage Pointstated that it was low tide at indicating that the tide was in-coming at the time of the accident.

Wreckage recovery and examination On 4 Januarythe aircraft was recovered from the water, where it was established that both wings and floats had become separated from the fuselage Figure 4. The Police conducted further diving operations to retrieve the remaining aircraft debris and items on-board at the time of impact.

The aircraft was transported to secure facilities for further examination. Initial examination of the aircraft wreckage indicated: The engine, propeller and a number of aircraft components have been retained by the ATSB for further examination.

Initial environmental examination report

The fuel was tested by the ATSB for the presence of water, with nil indications found. A visual inspection did not identify any particle matter in the fuel.

The remainder of the fuel samples have been retained by the ATSB for further testing if required. Sydney Seaplanes safety action Whether or not the ATSB identifies safety issues in the course of an investigation, relevant organisations may proactively initiate safety action in order to reduce their safety risk.

The ATSB has been advised of the following proactive safety action taken by Sydney Seaplanes in response to this accident.

Immediately following the accident, Sydney Seaplanes suspended operations. They resumed operations in their C amphibious aircraft on 15 Januarywith an interim provision of having two crew on board.A USA TODAY NETWORK special report examines the impact of Trump’s proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall, exploring every foot of the 2,mile boundary.

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Health Department Forms. The forms are listed alphabetically by form number in PDF and Word template format. Supporting Human Capital Development in Meghalaya (RRP IND ) Initial Environmental Examination September IND: Supporting Human Capital Development in Meghalaya Prepared by the Department of Finance, Government of Meghalaya for the Asian Development Bank.

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