Jack kerouac beat generation essay

Jack also had various stories on the etymology of his surname, usually tracing it to Irish, BretonCornish or other Celtic roots.

Jack kerouac beat generation essay

Share Synopsis " … willingness to pick up and hit the road, regardless of the current situation, symbolizes prioritization of self-exploration, and almost spiritual loyalty to novel experience. What followed was a sort of existential vacuum a pervasive sense of emptiness in which many people particularly members of the young generation began to seek meaning beyond traditional values and the mainstream worldview.

Members of these two camps shared many of the same ideas: The novel itself is based closely upon actual people and events in the life of Jack Kerouac. The tale is a primarily linear account of various roadtrips across and through the United States and Mexico. Having first read the novel my sophomore year of college, I thought it would be an appropriate book to bring with me when I set out for South Korea call me corny and unoriginal; fine.

I finished re-reading it a couple weeks ago, and I appreciated it all the more the second time around. The Primacy of Discovering Meaning Through Experience As touched upon above, the Beat Movement was largely about attempting to discover meaning in the face of a world that seemed to many to be increasingly meaningless.

Their willingness to pick up and hit the road, regardless of the current situation, symbolizes their prioritization of self-exploration, their almost spiritual loyalty to novel experience.

Traditional responsibilities and limitations are disregarded in favor of the promise of new sights, new people, new perspectives. This attitude is evidenced in a particularly incoherent bit of rambling from Dean in the latter part of the novel: He and the other characters in the novel deliberately challenge the boundaries of freedom, attempt to leave no proverbial stone unturned.

For them, limited possibilities such as those given to them by society equal limited understanding, while unfettered exploration is the key to liberation. Intense Feeling, Uninhibited Expression, and Exuberant Appreciation We have established that it was the felt experience of the unfettered individual which the Beats emphasized, but were there more specific qualities to aspire to?

In what aspects of the individual being was meaning to be found and created?

Jack kerouac beat generation essay

This passage, in which Sal discusses their rendezvous with Rollo Greb, is particularly rich in suggestion: He played Verdi operas and pantomimed them in his pajamas with a great rip down the back.

He is a great scholar who goes reeling down the New York waterfront with original seventeenth-century musical manuscripts under his arm, shouting. He crawls like a big spider through the streets. His excitement blew out of his eyes in stabs of fiendish light. He rolled his neck in spastic ecstasy.

He lisped, he writhed, he flopped, he moaned, he howled, he fell back in despair.

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He could hardly get a word out, he was so excited with life. I want to be like him. He is a man who is literally made speechless by the intensity and excitement of living. He is utterly and unabashedly and irrevocably climaxing in a sort of orgasm of feeling, expression, appreciation, existence.

Whether or not this state of being is realistic or sustainable is irrelevant—it is the portrait of an ideal. On the precipice of a journey east, Dean delivers a monologue that has undertones of this same worriless, all-embracing state of being: Dean contrasts this state with that of the other passengers in the car who are unable to escape their habitual worrying.

The novel suggests that time expands or contracts based upon where we direct our attention. Take this brief quote from Dean, for example, as the gang drives through Mexico: His eyes were red-streaked and mad and also subdued and tender—he had found people like himself.

Rather than a mundane Mexican countryside that some might see, Dean has seen another world, another life, something that has aroused in him an ecstatic tenderness.

One gets the sense that Dean may have experienced more unspeakable thrusts of passion in those few hours of driving than some people experience in their lives. This becomes The Point of all of the travels—to confront the endless novelty of life and absorb it to the point of bursting.Jack Kerouac and The Beat Essay - Jack Kerouac and The Beat Jack Kerouac, was born on March 12, in Lowell, Massachusetts, as the youngest of three children.

Jack Kerouac (Born Jean-Louis Lebris de Kerouac) American novelist, poet, and essayist. See also Jack Kerouac Criticism (Volume 1), and Volumes 2, 3, 5, 14, Kerouac was the key. This quote, from Jack Kerouac’s book On the Road, is a brilliant example of the overall feel of the Beat Generation.

Jack Kerouac is one of the most influential writers of the Beat Generation, rivaled only by the likes of Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burrough.

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Jack Kerouac's On The Road Jack Kerouac is considered a legend in history as one of America's best and foremost Beat Generation authors. The term "Beat" or "Beatnic" refers to the spontaneous and wandering way of life for some people during the period of postwar America, that seemed to be induced by jazz and drug-induced visions.

Jack Kerouac and the Beat Generation Jack Kerouac was a spokesman of a whole generation due to the fact that he described the mood of a whole period in the 20th century. This particular period was called the Beat Generation and shared similar aspects and motives with the Lost Generation.

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