Paper pots

This winter, I am trying to make a few as I go, so that I will have them ready when I need them. This is the easiest and most effective way I have found to make newspaper pots.

Paper pots

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There is even a tool—called Paper pots Potmaker, Pot Maker or Paper Potter, depending on the manufacturer—designed specifically for this purpose. This video by Lee Valley Tools shows how to use a Potmaker. The paper should fit fairly tightly, but not so much it will be hard to remove afterwards.

Next, fold the excess paper at the bottom over the base of the mold, then firmly press it into the mold base, turning left and right.

Paper pots

You have a perfect little pot for your seedlings: But think the latter over. You get a very quick return on your investment: Wine bottle used as a pot maker.

A wine bottle one with a depressed base would be especially interestinga can or any other cylindrical object of appropriate width will do. Just wrap the strip of newspaper around the base of your tool and fold it in at the bottom, pressing firmly.

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These pots are not as solid as those made using a pot-making tool and you may need to use a bit of Scotch tape to keep them from unraveling. No, Newspaper is Not Toxic! Yes, you can use newspaper in organic gardening.

Biodegradable pots that are essentially free, are highly useful for seedlings and even recycle paper in an environmentally friendly way … and you made them yourself!These seedling pots require no staples, glue, tape or origami skills. Recycle your old newspapers and get your seeds off to a good start in these pots that can be put into the ground with the young seedlings therefore minimising root disturbance.

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Planting trees in pots is not advisable because during the years they remain in the soil, they create a soil texture interface that does not let water pass easily, as does anything that is buried in the soil if it is a different texture than the soil.

Cottage Hill: Recycled Newspaper Pots

The idea is to wrap, not too tightly, some paper around the top of the press, then tuck the bottom bits in and press the base on the bottom of the pot firmly to help it stay in shape. Take the pot off the top of the press, fill with potting mix and insert a seed.

Find out 14 such DIY Paper Plant Pots Ideas in this article! The recycled papers can be made into seed starting pots, paper mache planters, and decorative paper containers.

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1. Paper Mache Planter. Add interest to a boring planter pot by converting it into a paper mache planter. Our paper pot maker is a simple tool that transorms newspaper into a limitless supply of /4" diameter pots, perfect for seed starting. Simply wrap a strip of newspaper around the solid ash wood press, fold it under, then twist into the base.

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