Pirate of silverland

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Pirate of silverland

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For an introduction to this blog and to the obsession a growing number of vintage film and TV fans Pirate of silverland with the Iverson Movie Ranch — the most widely filmed outdoor location in movie and TV history — please read the site's introductory post, found here. Thursday, September 30, Ernest Miller: He was in his mids by the end of the silent film era and had already amassed a lengthy resume as a DP.

While at Mascot, where dual DP credits were the norm, he shared cinematography duties on a long list of projects with either Jack Marta or William Nobles, both of whom would make the migration to Republic along with Miller and would continue to shoot extensively at Iverson.

During his first year at Republic, Miller was often again paired with Marta. Presumably one of the two DPs handled the studio work while the other was sent on location — but which one did which?

Pirate of silverland

Sadly, little is known about the working arrangements in those days, but my suspicion is that Miller, who was the veteran DP, would have received the more desirable studio assignments at that point in his career, while Marta — Miller's understudy, in a sense — would have had to suffer the hardships of Iverson, with its weather extremes and general notoriety as a harsh environs for film crews.

Miller was not yet a B-Western specialist when he arrived at Republic inalthough he did work on projects starring up-and-coming singing cowboy Gene Autry a few times early on.

Miller typically handled more indoor-oriented fare at that point, and only later proved himself to be a powerhouse in B-Westerns, in outdoor adventure shoots He had a breakthrough inshooting an Iverson rock spectacle in " Come On, Cowboys ," a Three Mesquiteers feature.

In the above screen shot from the movie, Bill Rock, a relatively common feature in productions shot at Iverson, is partially visible at top left.

Far less common is the rock at center-right, which looks like a grumpy candelabra that might be at home in Beauty and the Beast. The two men shared an Academy Award nomination for their work on the film.

Pirate of silverland

At the same time he kept up a busy work schedule at Lippert Pictures, Monogram, Republic and others. It was at Lippert that he shot what might be considered the crowning achievement of his Iverson work, the Lloyd Bridges-John Ireland retelling of Custer's Last Stand, "Little Big Horn" — adding an impressive coda to a film career filled with Iverson gems.

He died the following year in Los Angeles at age Ernest Miller left his mark on Iverson, on B-Westerns and on film as a whole. But beyond the numbers, his camera work, his appreciation of the rocks, his eye for interesting angles and his intuitive sense of the drama inherent in the Iverson landscape have never been equaled.To me this large cluster of rocks looks like a pirate ship with sails a-billowed, or whatever the proper seafaring term would be.

Silverland was a beautiful section of Iverson in the filming era, and it showed up quite a bit in the movies.

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It's one of the easiest Iverson Movie Ranch rocks to find, located right beside Redmesa Road just. Aug 05,  · Il est enfin temps de se lancer dans la construction de notre parc d'attraction!

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