Project report on britannia

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Project report on britannia

The original box section Britannia Bridge, circa Postcard picture of the bridge from circa [4] The opening of the Menai Bridge inone mile 1.

The increasing popularity of rail travel shortly necessitated a second bridge to provide a direct rail link between London and the port of Holyheadthe Chester and Holyhead Railway.

As originally envisaged by Stephenson, the tubular construction would give a structure sufficiently stiff to support the heavy loading associated with trains, but the tubes would not be fully self-supporting, some of their weight having to be taken by suspension chains.

Fairbairn began a series of practical experiments on various tube shapes and enlisted the help of Eaton Hodgkinson "distinguished as the first scientific authority on the strength of iron beams " [6]: When Stephenson reported to the directors of the railway in Februaryhe attached reports by both Hodgkinson and Fairbairn.

From his analysis of the resistance to buckling of tubes with single top plates, Hodgkinson believed that it would require an impracticably thick and therefore heavy top plate to make the tubes stiff enough to support their own weight, and advised auxiliary suspension from link chains.

Project report on britannia

Under every circumstance, I am of opinion that the tubes should be made sufficiently strong to sustain not only their own weight, but in addition to that load tons equally distributed over the surface of the platform, a load ten times greater than they will ever be called upon to support.

In fact, it should be a huge sheet-iron hollow girder, of sufficient strength and stiffness to sustain those weights; and, provided that the parts are well-proportioned and the plates properly riveted, you may strip off the chains and have it as a useful monument of the enterprise and energy of the age in which it was constructed.

Fairbairn was responsible both for the cellular construction of the top part of the tubes, and for developing the stiffening of the side panels. On 10 Aprilthe foundation stone for the Britannia Bridge was laid, marking the official commencement of construction work at the site.

The first major elements of the structure to be built were the side tubes, this work was performed in situ, using wooden platforms to support it.

On 10 Augustthe first rivet was driven. Once they had been fully assembled, each of the central tubes was floated, one at a time, into the causeway and directly below the structure.

Project report on britannia

The work did not go smoothly; at one point, one of the tube allegedly came close to being swept out to sea before being recaptured and finally pushed back into place. The tubes had a width of 4. On 18 Marcha single tube was opened to rail traffic. By 21 October of that year, both tubes had been opened to traffic.

The construction techniques employed on the Britannia Bridge had obviously influenced Brunel as he later made use of the same method of floating bridge sections during the construction of the Royal Albert Bridge across the River Tamar at Saltash.

In the present day, little remains of this station, other than the remnants of the lower-level station building. The bridge was decorated by four large lions sculpted in limestone by John Thomastwo at either end.britannia - project report. strategic management Main Project on Britannia. Corporate Governance in Britannia Industries-Dissertation Topic

Presentation on Britannia. Ch03 Retail Mix. britannia. Company Analysis Report of BRITANNIA.

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How Universem improved its project management Forbes in led to the development of the Britannia Mine. Ina mining engineer named George Robinson was able to convince financial backers that the property had great potential.

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Britannia Annual Report. Art Direction, Branding, 6 1 Published: Add to Collection About About Britannia Annual Report Published: Annual Report Art . The project included as part of PGDM Programme and the project is done Title “Market Analysis & Sales Development for Britannia Dairy Product in Institutional Business in Chandigarh, Mohali and Zirakpur Organization “.

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