Rule of law coursework

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Rule of law coursework

Injury to complainant Clear, concise, unequivocal proof of actus not by implication For example, in Aspex Eyewear v. Clariti Eyewear, eyeglass frame maker Aspex sued competitor Clariti for patent infringement. During this period, Clariti expanded its marketing and sales of the products.

The Federal Circuit found that Aspex misled Clariti to believe it would not enforce its patent, and thus estopped Aspex from proceeding with the suit. It is also sometimes called detrimental reliance. A promise which the promisor should reasonably expect to induce action or forbearance of a definite and substantial character on the part of the promisee and which does induce such action or forbearance is binding if injustice can be avoided only by enforcement of the promise.

Equitable estoppel is distinct from promissory estoppel. Promissory estoppel involves a clear and definite promise, while equitable estoppel involves only representations and inducements. The representations at issue in promissory estoppel go to future intent, while equitable estoppel involves statement of past or present fact.

It is also said that equitable estoppel lies in tort, while promissory estoppel lies in contract. The major distinction between equitable estoppel and promissory estoppel is that the former is available only as a defense, while promissory Rule of law coursework can be used as the basis of a cause of action for damages.

B tells the shopkeeper that he will get the money and come back later that day to purchase it; there is no discussion of price. The shopkeeper says that when B returns, he will welcome B as a customer—unless he sells all three of his radios first.

In equity, can you argue that the shopkeeper is estopped by conduct? This element would be absent if B sold the watch at the market price.

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But the shopkeeper did not guarantee to hold one of the radios against the possibility of B's return nor did they agree a fixed price. In some common-law jurisdictions, a promise by the shopkeeper to hold a specific radio would create a binding contract, even if B had to go for the money.

A promise to pay the owner in the future is good consideration if it is made in exchange for a promise to sell a specific radio one from three is probably sufficiently specific: So the shopkeeper's actual words and knowledge are critical to deciding whether either a contract or an estoppel arises.

The drafters of the Second Restatement debated how to calculate the amount of damages flowing from a promissory estoppel, using the following example: The Restatement states that "The remedy granted for breach may be limited as justice requires.

In practice, however, a recent study of over promissory estoppel cases decided under the Restatement Second of Contracts has found that many courts continue to enforce the promise to the full extent i.

The terms Estoppel in pais and equitable estoppel are used interchangeably in American law. Convention[ edit ] Estoppel by convention in English law also known as estoppel by agreement occurs where two parties negotiate or operate a contract but make a mistake.

If they share an assumption, belief, or understanding of the contract's interpretation or legal effect, then they are bound by it, if: Estoppel by convention is most commonly invoked if one party wishes to rely on pre-contract negotiation as an aid to construction of the contract.

Estoppel by acquiescence Estoppel by acquiescence may arise when one person gives a legal warning to another based on some clearly asserted facts or legal principle, and the other does not respond within "a reasonable period of time". By acquiescing, the other person is generally considered to have lost the legal right to assert the contrary.

Rule of law coursework

As an example, suppose that Jill has been storing her car on Jack's land with no contract between them. Jack sends a registered letter to Jill's legal address, stating: Please come get your car, or make arrangements to pay me rent for storing it.

If you do not do so, within 30 days, I will consider the car abandoned and will claim ownership of it. If you need more time to make arrangements, please contact me within 30 days, and we can work something out.


For example, it may be desirable to settle a disagreement as to an existing state of affairs in order to establish a clear basis for the contract itself and its subsequent performance. Where parties express an agreement of that kind in a contractual document neither can subsequently deny the existence of the facts and matters upon which they have agreed, at least so far as concerns those aspects of their relationship to which the agreement was directed.Macquarie Law School's vision is to provide an outstanding legal education based on a commitment to intellectual rigour, the rule of law, social justice, access and equity, and diversity, as well as values and ideals of ethics, service and professionalism.

When you attend this course, you will explore the different elements of the rule of law in concrete terms, thinking about how rule of law principles apply in a wide variety of areas, and discovering how to draw on the rule of law as an invaluable principle and Student Coursework Plagiarism and Misconduct Rules: Investigation and Penalty Guidelines 1 INTRODUCTION In the University established new sets of Coursework Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct Rules.

A program like no other. The Sports Law and Business program at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University is centrally located in vibrant downtown Phoenix.

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The Rule of Law Program offers opportunities for students to learn the theory and practice of international development and state-building through coursework, experiential learning, and research.

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