Speech of clean state healthy citizen

Learn how to use this framework for an inclusive, participatory process for improving quality of life and creating a healthy community. What is healthy, and what is a community? In this section, we will explore the concepts of defining, creating, and promoting healthy communities.

Speech of clean state healthy citizen

Clean State Healthy Citizens. I doubt not all of you know. Let me give you a definition about it. An organized political community forming part of a country is a federation or republic that is free from dirt. Do you think you are in a healthy condition?

Do you think your state is clean? There are a lot of things happen now, as the pollution bring us down. We need to strive for cleanliness! The earth need our help to! Do you hear the earth shout for it? Maybe we need to open our eyes and unplug our ears. These are some tips for it. First, Air and water pollution has long been a concern in the major cities but our concern should not end there.

Other cities and even small towns are suffering from the effects of pollution. These effects and restore health to the ecosystem and human life.

Speech of clean state healthy citizen

The term air pollution is used quite often, but what does it actually mean? Basically, it can be defined as the presence of chemicals in the atmosphere in concentrations high enough to effect climate and harm organisms and materials.

As a citizens we have pledge to keep our state to be a clean, healthy, safe and friendly environment. Where are those promises? How about the students in the school? As a teacher, they need to control and teach them to somehow take good care of the tables, chairs and other things in the classrooms.

As a student, they also need to obey the school rules and learn to make a better life in our state. We all have our duty as a citizen. If the things are broken or destroy in to pieces it causes the environment in the state, think about the trees will cut down to make those things. The oxygen will became decreases every second we cut the trees down.

Next, do you notice this junk? I call it junk mail, I know it important but do you know how much trees are cut down to make the junk mail? Some of our citizens not well use with the junk mail after read it.

Instead throw it away, how about use the benefits of recycle bins?

Edzafirah's Blog: Clean State Healthy Citizens Essay Part 2

Make the effort to it! Some communities are starting to charge fines to people who are throwing away items that should be recycled. And if your community doesn't pick up recyclables or only certain ones you can usually find someone who accepts them.

Speech of clean state healthy citizen

Check with dry cleaners, supermarkets, manufacturers, your local public works department and civic organizations to find where recycled goods can be dropped off.

We still in the same topic, still about papers.Pilots Win Free Speech Suit; American Airlines Accepts Rules Protecting Dissident Communication in the Workplace.

WASHINGTON, D.C. --In response to an unprecedented decision upholding the free speech rights of airline employees, American Airlines has conceded its pilots' rights to criticize their union and employer in the workplace.

The Human Right to a Clean and Healthy Environment

As the state's Air Quality Control Commission has agreed to look into establishing emission standards for new cars in Colorado, there's a group working to gather signatures in support of stricter. Internet Free Speech The rapid growth of the internet and internet technologies created a renewed opportunity for citizens to be heard on a wide variety of issues, including their government, the corporations that have an increasing role in their economic security, and the unions that represent their labor interests.

Sep 12,  · Having a clean and healthy environment is one of the key requisites for a state’s development. However, it’s quite ironic that as development continues to grow, lifestyles also adjust to this and if this change happens further, exploitation of the planet’s resources in turn accelerates.

The Citizens Clean Elections Commission is a regulatory body established after Arizona voters passed the Citizens Clean Elections Act. The CCEC's Web site provides Arizona voters with candidate information, forms (candidate, lobbyist, and voter), financial data relating to the candidates, information on the commission, and commissioner .

Jul 06,  · The environment effects the cleanliness of our state. If the environments are better, the state would be better for the citizens. Everybody must work together to take care of our earth so that there are no pollution, no health problems and make our life as the citizens much initiativeblog.com: Edzafirah's Blog.

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