The great day of my life

Mr Chairman, Excellencies, distinguished delegates, ladies and gentlemen: I have the honor to convey the warm greetings and good wishes of His Majesty King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck, the government, and the people of Bhutan to this august gathering and to the friendly people of Nepal.

The great day of my life

Christmas Outing to the Aquarium Well friends we have emerged from a pile of jump rings and gold chain and studs upon studs upon studs. We survived the Christmas jewelry season!

For the third year in a row! Every year I think we won't possibly arrive on the other side.

The great day of my life

And then we do! We've found more effective and efficient ways to manage.

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Last year's entire month of December was a blur of jewelry and pregnancy and stress. I really thought it would kill me.

The great day of my life

And we learned a lot from last year on how to do things much smarter for this year. We were still crazy stressed busy to the max, but we managed it sooooooo much better.

I'm not sure what the future holds exactly, but I am sure that I have to cut something out if I want to remain a sane, happy, healthy person. And if I ever want to see my kids. Monday was my last day of teaching and also our deadline for all jewelry orders.

Which means the majority of this week has been catching up from everything else I have been slacking on, but also just enjoying the season. Monday night we stayed up late playing games with my mom and sister, Tuesday we did lots of jewelry cleaning and organizing, and yesterday we got to sneak away and enjoyed the afternoon at the aquarium.

In the middle of the afternoon! Just hanging with my family! It is an amazing aquarium and you really can't beat it in the winter!

A note on our EvenFlo stroller. When Hugh was born I did major major research on the best double stroller. And then I shelled out big bucks for one that I now only kind of like. It is one of the most popular strollers, but it is still so heavy and cumbersome to me that I, admittedly, look for any way to not pack the "big stroller".

Several weeks ago I found this Evenflo Sibby stroller system. And it is honestly the perfect solution to our stroller woes. It has the easiest fold up of any stroller I have ever used.

It is so lightweight. It is technically a single stroller, but here is where the genius comes in. It comes with a board that you can easily clip on the back for your toddler to stand on while you push it.

It was so nice at the aquarium because she would hop on anytime her little legs started to get tired, but then could easily hop off and go check out the fish, hop back on, hop back off. It is SO easy and so much nicer than her constantly getting in and out of a stroller.Until death it is all life” ― Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Don Quixote Now that we are in Spain, a curious ritual has arrived unexpectedly.

The 45 Most Inspiring Quotes on Change August 16, , Lily, Comments Great books, blogs and quotes are three of my sources of inspiration when I feel stuck or .

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The 45 Most Inspiring Quotes on Change

O! My gosh, that was fascinating! I have honestly never considered popcorn to be anything more than a cheap nasty snack sold at cinemas. I feel all enlightened now (and peckish!) and I really would love to have a bash at making Popcorn properly. Lyrics to 'Best Day Of My Life' by American Authors.

I had a dream so big and loud / I jumped so high I touched the clouds / Wo-o-o-o-o-oh, wo-o-o-o-o-oh / I.

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