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His trademark style -- elastic slapping, atmospheric distortion, and effects that resembled turntable scratching -- was a crucial component of Rage Against the Machine 's rap-metal sonic attack in the late '90s, helping launch Morello and the band to Grammy-winning, multi-platinum success.

Tom morello

Decked out in the sharpest of suits, the Harvard-educated Morello is the epitome of suave. Slender and impeccably groomed, he confidently strides in carrying a polished wooden cane that he picked up during one of his trips to Cuba, shakes every hand warmly, Tom morello then works the photo shoot like the pro he is.

He jokes throughout, and asks the occasional question. He knows the drill and is as accommodating as anyone we've worked with in the past.

But it would be a mistake to misinterpret that working sheen for any sort of apathy, or to consider him "just another musician.

His finger is firmly on the pulse, and his inner rage is still his driving force. He's also motivated, artistically, by a constant desire to try something different. His new solo album, The Atlas Underground, sees the guitarist team up with a variety of musicians from Tom morello genres hip-hop, EDM, folk-rock, etc.


In a similar fashion to the way Renegades offered a blueprint into what made Rage Against the Machine tick, The Atlas Underground, and the artists featured on it, deliver a glimpse into Morello's current state of mind.

I wanted to forge a sonic conspiracy of these diverse artists, many of whom are like-minded, and make a brand-new alloy of Marshall stack fury and EDM drops. That was the north star that guided the project. But the manner in which he approached this, to use various forms of music as a starting point and create something new rather than blending them, feels slightly different.

The soundtrack to the much-maligned Spawn movie, which saw Morello join forces with The Prodigy on a version of "One Man Army," would be the closest reference point. Tom Morello in his studio Danny Liao "I also produced a Crystal Method album back in the day, Tweekend, so those were forerunners of it," Morello says.

I told the guys in Crystal Method at the time, 'If you guys didn't work so slow, I'd join your band. I heard similarities in arrangement and power in their music, and I thought, 'What if we replace their synthesizers with my Marshall stack and go for it? Musicians generally are keen to discuss their most recent project during interviews, but this feels different.

We're talking about a guy who has made it his business to show the world that there are really no limits to the sounds that can be created with an electric guitar and the help of a few friends. Sitting within the confines of an accepted genre box has never interested him. Further, this project has been marinating in his mind for a long time — Morello laboring away in secret while working with Prophets of Rage and Springsteen.

And now, he gets to unleash it on an unsuspecting world. I just said, 'Use this as the raw materials. Shatter the mirror, and send it back in a way that is unexpected.


The list of names involved, and their stature, suggests that this was no easy thing to pull together. Morello says that, in each case and with each track, the process was different. I wanted to have a conversation with each of the lyricists about how they wanted to present that.

Take that as a backdrop and say, 'Where does your mindset fit in? Marcus Mumford and I Skyped the song from here. Then there was a Wu-Tang day in the studio.

Tom morello

A million different ways that these songs have come together. I wanted to challenge myself. Not just with the music but the process. Getting far outside of a safety zone and letting each song find its own way. Atlas, of course, was the mythical figure who carried the weight of the world on his shoulders endlessly.

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Meanwhile, Morello views the underground as a "clandestine organization bent on fomenting insurrection. Morello did previously mention in the press that he was aiming to make a Jimi Hendrix—inspired record, a comment that led many to assume he was going to release something very blues-rock.

Rather, Morello was looking to channel the great man's pioneering spirit. Otherworldly guitar playing," Morello says. The one thing that Hendrix had that is unique among extraordinary guitar players is he had songs that were on the radio.‎Few rock guitarists in the s were as groundbreaking as Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello, who incorporated a myriad of different styles into his own playing.

Born in New York City on May 30, , Morello was raised by his mother (who, decades later, would help create the anti-censorship or. Available with an Apple Music subscription.

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Tom Morello was born on May 30, in New York city. He has become an influential guitarist due to his work with Rage Against The Machine in the s.

Sep 23,  · am EDT The Christmas No 1 was a spectacular example of People Power and the free show we performed at Finsbury Park was the greatest night in the history of . k Followers, Following, 3, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Tom Morello (@tommorello). Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage.

The Atlas underground is a new project from Tom Morello featuring Bassnectar, Big Boi, Killer Mike, Vic Mensa and more.

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