Who can review my college essay

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Who can review my college essay

I hope they are of value. At that moment, since I was 10, I did not know any better. At that moment, I did not know the emotions that were flowing within my body--I was only I stood there with my parents, my brother, my two uncles, my two aunts, and my cousin, who had knocked out my teeth by accident earlier that year.

I held my passport that my dad had given to me, giving me more responsibility and making me feel I was older. I stood there with my passport and my tiny backpack packed with a hand-help video game at the Ahmedabad International Airport in India on my last day.

Who can review my college essay

Even at 10, I had realized that after I leave India, I would not be able to do the same things that I had once done.

Each time I thought about the friendly, yet competitive, cricket games with my neighborhood friends against our conjoined apartments [you played cricket with apartments??

Emigration is always an extremely difficult feeling to cope with, especially for a 10 year old. Since I had lacked [mature] experiences, all the minor experiences I had had were stuck with me as major familiarities. She was not merciful to my feelings. I feared look[ing] at my boarding pass to get a glance at my seat number.

Who can review my college essay

I knew what it was a week ago, since I had inspected the ticket almost forty times the week before[. As soon as I boarded the plane and got in my window seat, it [what is "it"?

I knew I would never get to see my old way of life ever again. My memory still troubles me to think that I never have been the same ever since that experience.

I was moving to the United States of America. I knew adapting to a new language, a new [set of] custom, a new way of life, new food, and new friends would be extremely difficult, but I knew what I had to [proceed or go on or do it]. I had so much new to learn. But, I was willing.

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All this was going through my mind on that lonely cold night in February in Ahmedabad, India, as the plane noisily departed the airport, climbing to 35, feet in a matter of minutes.

I looked down as the plane ascended, watching as we passed over buildings that had lights. Now when I look back at this moment, I can unquestionably say that I have overc[o]me all those [challenges] that I once [worried] about as the plane was ascending.

I overcame the language barrier. I have became [accustomed] to the new life and custom. But, the most important change I have had is my passion for education. I know I can succeed in my education, bringing my diverse knowledge into one concrete institution and applying this knowledge to further my opportunities within the greater community.

My move to the United States has shaped my life, making me view education, especially, as a window to many other opportunities. I view education as a car; I view myself as the driver. And, if I am given an opportunity to get the car of my dreams, I know I can drive it to places where my opportunities will not be lost.

When I look back at this moment, I know I overcame those all those challenges I worried about as the plane as ascending. I am now fluent in English and have adapted to the American cultures and customs. One of the benefits of living in America is the availability and accessbility to higher education.

I am passionate to acquire a solid education that will provide me with the knowledge and skills to pursue my dreams [whatever they might be??

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I am grateful to my parents for having moved the family to the United States where I feel I have more opportunities if I am willing to study and work hard. You say you were 10 years old numerous, numerous times.Review my college essay. Jrcool Registered User Posts: 2 New Member.

November edited September in College Essays. Can someone please read my admissions essay. I don't have too much time becuase I am suppose to send my app. in soon. Can a representative from CC please review a draft of my college essay .

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Nov 23,  · Can you review my college essay please? Here's the question: Imagine you have graduated from Temple University. You are preparing to attend your year reunion, and the alumni office has asked you to write a one-page essay about your personal and professional accomplishments since initiativeblog.com: Resolved.

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Admissions officers have to read an unbelievable number of college essays, most of which are forgettable.

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